Padre Pio – Youth


Saint Pio of Pietrelcina – Padre Pio.  How is it that when the Cross of Christ calls, the Saints of God become consoled?  The Lord’s brown wooden beams beg for cold iron nails, and Holy Men and Women seek to rest between them, plaqued onto His cross as victims of love and admiration for The Crucifixion.  What mystery lies in those crucified souls?  What wisdom do they possess?  What secrets do they hold?  “I am a mystery even to myself,” said the stigmatized Padre Pio.  How mysterious he was indeed, that his visible, excruciating stigmata brought so much life and healing to so many souls lost in sadness and fear.  “Don’t be daunted by the cross,” said the crucified saint.  “The surest test of love consists in suffering for the loved one, and if God suffered so much for love, the pain we suffer for Him becomes as loveable as love itself.”

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Super soft athletic grey tri-blend (50% Polyester/25% Cotton/25% Rayon) t-shirt.

Designed and printed in Columbus, OH.

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