St. Francis de Sales – The Gentleman Saint – It’s been said of St. Francis De Sales that perhaps the greatest quality that shone throughout the saint’s life was meekness. Testimony after testimony, from that of his confreres, to his friends and to his faithful followers, pour out their praise for St. Francis’ ability to calm the most disturbed of heart. Not just words. Not just niceties. His whole being was brilliant as warm light for those rigid souls stuck in unnerving desolation. He’s taught that, “The heart which unites itself to the heart of God cannot help loving and accepting with sweetness the arrows with which God pierces it.” Well, neither could the hardest of hearts help but be conquered by the magnitude of St. Francis’ meekness. And it’s quite unsettling to think that the saint was simply just a “naturally nice guy.” One story has it that under the wooden desktop of St. Francis there were engraved the marks of his fingers, carved into the hard wood simultaneously to his dealing gently with those who had wronged him to his face. Yes, even the most violent, battered and tempestuous of sinners were calmed within moments of the simple encounter with the saint’s mild and gentle countenance — “What kind of man is this that even the winds and the sea obey him,” spoke the disciples about The Lord. What kind of man indeed was this towering figure of holiness, this doctor of the Church, this friend of Christ, who commanded peace of soul by the sheer glance of his eyes?

St. Francis de Sales! Pray for us!

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