Christ the King


Christ the King – “King of kings and Lord of lords.”  In an era where monarchs and majesties are seen as quite monotonous, where the understanding of true, selfless, unadulterated kingship is reduced to playful folklore and where the sounds of trumpet blasts in praise of an anointed one have faded into a clamorous show of political hand-slaps in the plastic applause for dictators and tyrants—It’s in this era we need most a King whose courage is just as real as the red blood running deep through his veins, whose honor and faithfulness are as true as the burning sun and whose sword (yes, His sword alone) itself is the authoring of life and death.  “My King and my God” pray the lay faithful in silence when the White Host is lifted up for the eyes of men to see and gaze upon.  His armies are arrayed behind him in brilliant fashion and the fury of his divine wisdom stands open and unchallengeable.  Before Him, every knee shall bow. Above and beneath Him every tongue shall confess: “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe!  Have Mercy on us!

Proclaim it from the Housetops!

Super soft golden yellow poly/cotton blend (50% Polyester/50% Cotton) t-shirt.

Designed and printed in Columbus, OH.

Made in the USA.

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